Hanyear's Services

At Hanyear, we understand that as a procurement expert, you’re looking for a trusted partner in the procurement of door lock actuators from China. We’re here to offer you a comprehensive solution that covers all your needs. Here are the key services we provide to make your procurement process efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our door lock actuators undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure they meet international standards, offering you the utmost confidence in product quality.


We understand that your needs may be unique. Our ability to customize door lock actuators allows you to tailor products to your exact specifications, ensuring they align with American standards and requirements.

Documentation & Compliance

We take care of all necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with U.S. regulations, making customs clearance a breeze.

Logistics & Shipping

Our comprehensive logistics support ensures your products reach the U.S. safely and on time, handling everything from shipping arrangements to customs clearance.

Inventory Management

We offer inventory management services, which means you can maintain optimal stock levels without worrying about stockouts or overstock situations.

After-Sales Support

Our commitment to after-sales support includes technical assistance, warranty coverage, and readily available spare parts to address any post-purchase concerns or issues.

Samples & Prototyping

We provide the opportunity for sample orders and prototyping, allowing you to evaluate and test our products before committing to larger orders.

Technical Expertise

Our team of experts is at your service, offering guidance on product selection, application-specific advice, and quick troubleshooting assistance.