Premier Source for Aftermarket Door Lock Actuators from China

Are you in search of high-quality car door lock actuators that meet the rigorous standards of the American market? Your quest concludes right here. We proudly serve as your dependable gateway to excellence. Here’s why you can trust us with full confidence.

Product Excellence & Certifications

As a professional door lock actuators wholesaler in China, we are dedicated to unwavering quality, supported by ISO, CE, and other certifications. These certifications ensure that you receive nothing short of excellence.

U.S. Regulations Compliance

Our products meticulously adhere to U.S. vehicle door lock actuator import regulations, encompassing strict safety and environmental standards. We proudly assure you of this commitment.

Factory Inspection

We cordially invite you to explore our production facilities through factory visits or third-party inspections. This ensures transparency and provides peace of mind regarding our manufacturing processes.  As a door lock actuators manufacturer in China, we are professional and trustworthy.

Product Testing & Quality Control

Our commitment to reliability is reinforced by rigorous product testing procedures, ensuring top-tier performance in our car door lock actuators.

Sample Evaluation

Experience the quality firsthand. Before your door lock actuator sourcing, we offer product samples for evaluation, complete with transparent cost details and hassle-free shipping arrangements.

Lead Times & Production Capacity

We provide precise lead time information and production capacity details, supported by clear communication plans, allowing you to maintain control over your orders to meet your door lock actuator import requirement.

Pricing & Payment Terms

Safeguard your financial interests with flexible payment methods, competitive pricing, and well-defined payment terms.

You have the choice to make payments to either our Chinese or US company.

Shipping & Logistics

Hanyear manage the complexities of the door lock actuator shipping option, customs clearance, and transportation, ensuring a seamless and efficient import experience. This aligns with your need for efficient imports.

You have the option to select shipping from either our China factory or CA warehouse, allowing you to reduce your door lock actuator import expenses.

Product Packaging

Being a door lock actuator supplier, our commitment to quality extends beyond production. Our packaging safeguards products during transit and aligns with labeling requirements, ensuring that your products arrive in perfect condition.

Bubble Bag

Inner Box

Outer Carton

Warranty and Post-Sales Support

Rely on us well beyond your bulk door lock actuator purchases – benefit from our strong warranty terms and comprehensive post-sales support services, ensuring your peace of mind. Our products include a two-year warranty, with flexible options for returns, exchanges, or refunds should any issues arise. This is the cornerstone for us to become a reliable door lock actuator supplier.

Communication Responsiveness

Your communication needs are paramount. We prioritize open channels and swift responses to ensure a smooth and efficient experience during the entire process.

Supply Chain Transparency

Gain insight into our supply chain, including suppliers, subcontractors, and materials sourcing, providing you with full transparency and confidence in our sourcing practices.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism

In rare cases of disputes, our efficient resolution mechanisms ensure conflicts are managed effectively and fairly, protecting your interests.